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Page 1 Correct answers highlighted in yellow [ Note: The assignment in Chapter 1 in the new (7 th ) edition of Campbell has changed substantially from that of past years. Therefore, few questions from past exams are useful for you to examine. ] 1. (4 pts - circle the one correct answer) If you made the following observations about Pennsylvania forests: - that Ash-leaf Maples are found only in lowland habitats - that Beeches are found only in upland habitats - and that White Ash are found in both kinds of habitats What general observation might you make by induction? [a] The restriction of trees to upland vs. lowland habitats is caused by the availability or lack of water. [b] Beeches can thrive in upland habitats because they can tolerate long periods of drought. [c] Sassafras will also be found only in upland habitats. [d] Some tree species are restricted to particular habitats; whereas other species are found in more than one. 2. (5 pts - Fill in the blank) Given the general observation made in Question 3, fill in the blanks below to indicate whether each of the following statements is a H (a hypothesis that attempts to explain the general observation) or a P (a prediction deduced from a hypothesis) _P_ If two sets of Ash-leaf Maple seedlings are transplanted to an upland forest, and one set is watered daily while the other is not, then the watered set will survive and the unwatered set will die. _H_ Upland trees (like Beech) are restricted to upland habitats because their roots cannot tolerate flooding. _H_ Lowland trees (like Ash-leaf Maple) are restricted to lowlands because they cannot tolerate drought. _H_ Upland trees (like Beech) are restricted to uplands because they are killed by bacteria that live in wet soil. _P_ Under otherwise identical greenhouse conditions, Beech seedlings will tolerate water deprivation for
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PastExamQs_I_1__w_answers_ - Past Exam Questions - Unit I...

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