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Senar 1 Thea Francesca A. Senar ENG 1313 Professor Malvo 9 October 2007 Bedroom Eyes As the sun rose to signify a new day, she went to her sister’s room. It was a medium- sized room, with two enormous windows looking out from the walls beside her. The walls were of a lavender color with white accents. To her left were a dresser and a vertical mirror. To her right were the window with pink curtains, an unusually small air-conditioner, and a study table. In the corner stood a cabinet where shoes were kept. Behind her was the closet. The room was somewhat cluttered but seemed to have a certain order amidst the disorganization. The girl began to closely look at the room, to see what else was in it. She decided to examine the place in the room that attracted her at first glance, the study table. On top of it was a globe that was two times bigger than a regular basketball. Without even looking closely, anyone could see the map of the Philippines, Indonesia, China, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan. The globe had stickers on certain places. Those areas must be where the occupant went for vacation; because the person clearly hasn’t lived anywhere else except for the place where she knew everyone, her home. Having taken a view of the globe and all the components of the study desk, she next
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descriptive essay - Senar 1 Thea Francesca A. Senar ENG...

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