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JOURNAL ASSIGNMENT 2 - me it was my family’s living room...

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Thea Francesca A. Senar PSY 1313-02 September 16, 2007 JOURNAL ASSIGNMENT 2 The most memorable dream I had was a dream of a good friend dying. I don’t know why I dreamt that. She is certainly alive and well, and we are really good friends. The dream started with me at my high school, solving a math problem. I was talking to some people that I couldn’t really tell who they were because their faces were blurry. What happened next was me getting on-line in our cafeteria to get some food. I was eating a hamburger and some fries, and one of my teachers approached me and told me that I had an A in a test and then she mentioned my classmates’ grades. I was so ecstatic because I was the only one who aced the quiz while everyone got either a B or a C. My good friend, on the other hand, got an F. People were suddenly laughing at her and someone shot her in the heart. Everything became confusing after that. I was in a place that I wasn’t familiar of, it was sort of a cave and my friend was inside that cave with her test paper. After the cave, the scenario became clearer to
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Unformatted text preview: me, it was my family’s living room. She was there with two “angels.” I used the term angels loosely because they weren’t really angels. The two messengers were actually two famous celebrities. I don’t know why they were there, but they were. They told me that I will never see my friend again because she’s going to be far away from me. All I could do was yell “NO! DON’T TAKE HER! SHE’S MY FRIEND! I LOVE HER!” and cried so much. I cried bucketsful, literally. There were buckets under my eyes catching my tears. I was even shouting random things like orange, scar, and puzzle. My friend reappeared to me and told me that she was going to be alright and that I shouldn’t worry about her. After saying those things, she floated towards the heavens because I could see the sky from where I was and a big light that was right on her. And after that, I woke up crying and sweaty like I felt that what I dreamt was real....
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