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Description of UCSB Spring Dance - dancing. In the...

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Raymond Collins From the Backbone Forward The UCSB Spring Dance Concert titled From the Backbone Forward was performed at the Hatlen Theatre last weekend. It consisted of six dance performances, including Inc. and Relative Memory . The second performance, Inc. , was performed by dancers wearing suits. There were six women wearing black pants, white shirts, and black coats. There was one male dancer who was wearing a similar suit with a tie as well. During the dance, one of the female dancers took her coat off. The dancers moved in a way similar to ballet; moreover, they moved and bent their arms and legs gracefully. The music that played was a chaotic sounding techno. The dancers seemed to fight by kicking, punching, and throwing each other. The music slowed down at one point, and so did the dancers’ movements. After this the music picked up again. During most of the dance, the female dancer who removed her coat seemed to be the focus of the fighting and
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Unformatted text preview: dancing. In the background there were occasionally short video clips of some of the dancers in black and white. As a whole, the dance was very different but interesting. The other dance I focused on was Relative Memory . This dance consisted of 6 women dancers, 3 wearing gold dresses and 3 wearing green dresses. There was eerie music playing and occasionally radio static with people talking. At the front of the stage there was a prop dresser with an old fashioned radio on it. There were also lanterns hanging from the ceiling. At one point one of the dancers walks up to the radio and turns the knobs. The music seemed to change a bit and sounded of violins. The tempo of the dance and music builds up and seems to slow down and resolve in the end. This dance was a little strange but enjoyable. This was my first time attending the UCSB Spring Dance Concert and I enjoyed it, especially the two performances titled Inc. and Relative Memory . 1...
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