Week 5 Notes

Week 5 Notes - Science in Nazi Germany Contraditory Calims...

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Science in Nazi Germany 29/10/2007 15:58:00 Contraditory Calims about science in Nazi Germany One View o Nazi regime was anti-science o Science under the regime was bad science and should not be studied Counter-View o Nazi science show the “true” repressive nature of science? History and Organization of Nazi State Timeline… Nazi regime was a polycratic system (cartel of power blocs:) o Party (NAZI) o Hitler was in the center of the system o Big questions were put TO him rather than him dictating o Some decisions were never put to him Ex: Nuclear Power Project No main department for science o Reich Science Council, but pretty weak Regime’s Attitude Toward Science 2 events that support “anti-scientific” view of Nazi regime o Expulsion of thousands of scientists of Jewish origin o Practice of pseudo-sciences in the concentration camps Max Planck o Respected physicist
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o Founder of quantum theory o President of Kaiser Wlihem o o Tried to change things for the better
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Week 5 Notes - Science in Nazi Germany Contraditory Calims...

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