Week 9 Notes

Week 9 Notes - The 1960s and the Critique of...

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The 1960s and the Critique of Scientism26/11/2007 16:56:00 Scientism, Technocracy Excessive use of science and technology respectively Scientific Rationality, Standardization, Technological Networks Industrial networks of science o Science sold as: Good for useful inventions So it gets tied up in industry, corporations, military Science is selling out o Science is concerned with huge systems Critique of science? Standardization o Early 20 th Great technological systems o Across the U. S., huge systems built o Suspect cuz of uniformity of the world? Revolt Against the Machine Lewis Mumford (1895-1990) o Didn’t like a lot of the modernization and standardization and whatnot Herbert Marcuse o Critic of technological capitalistic civilization o Critic of a system of repression Eisenhower o Critical of military, technological, and scientific power Scenes of Quantified Knowledge Quantification
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o Merges science with social science, technology, bureaucracy, and  politics RAND o Cost/Benefit Analysis for military Wanting the most band for the buck
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Week 9 Notes - The 1960s and the Critique of...

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