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Healing and Life

Healing and Life - Overview Restorative Effects of Nature...

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Healing and Life-enhancing Environments INT 131/394:Design and Human Behavior April 15, 2008 Overview: Restorative Effects of Nature What is restoration? Directed Attention Stress reduction model Attention Restoration Theory Restorative Effects of Nature: - The potential of environment to function therapeutically, reducing cognitive fatigue and other sources of stress. - Retreat – from stimulus; solitude - Exposure to nature – views, access to outdoors, parks, wilderness What is restoration? “Recovery from mental fatigue.” What is Mental Fatigue? - A sense of being worn out . . . . . - A feeling of stress . . . - A mental inertia . . . Directed Attention: “Recovery of directed attention .” Two kinds of attention: a) Involuntary attention , requires no effort, has a ‘direct exciting quality.’ b) Directed attention , requires substantial effort, not tied to stimulation, generic, content-free. Costs of Directed Attention Fatigue: - Tasks not achieved due to distraction - Inability to respond - “Human error”
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