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Michael O’Leary PHIL 2500 Extra Credit Critique AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH Al Gore spends a section of his famed documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” talking about how global warming is changing the climate and causing more severe weather. While I do not doubt that there is global warming and climate change, I feel that Al Gore did a very poor job of proving the point he set out to make. He says that the 2005 hurricane season is a perfect example of what global warming will cause. However, in 2006, the very next year, there were no major hurricanes that made landfall in the United States. The Atlantic Ocean had actually cooled of since the previous year. That does not show that global warming is the cause of the severe storms. He claims that so many people died in Hurricane Katrina because of its severity. The reason so many people died due to hurricanes in 2005 was not due to their severity, but instead due to poor engineering, poor planning, and people living in an area that is below sea level. Al Gore also tried to prove his point of increased hurricane severity by
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