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Urban Green - Supports stronger social bonds Profs Research...

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Urban Green Ecological Benefits Provides a habitat for a variety of birds, fish, animals Prevents soil erosion, absorbs rainwater, improves drainage Trees absorb urban pollution Reduces urban heat island effect Reduces noise pollution Indicator of overall ecological health of ecosystem-measure of ecological sustainability Social Benefits Recreational use-play, meditate, gather, rest Draws people outside and fosters social contact Provides safer neighborhoods Promotes livability and vitality of communities Attracts new residents Attracts new businesses
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Unformatted text preview: Supports stronger social bonds Profs Research Nature-child movement-> trying to get kids to go play outside Childrens Environments o Sustainable play environments o Preschool playgrounds Online discussion #3 What is an Eco-city? How is an Eco0city different from other cities? Provide some examples of Eco-cities. Do you think Eco-cities are the cities of the future? Please provide clear explanations for your viewpoint either way. Project 1 A Walk in Nature- an urban green journal...
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