Investing Advanced-Discussion-Global_Strategies

Investing Advanced-Discussion-Global_Strategies - Advanced...

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Advanced Investing Section-Discussion Questions Global Investing I. What are the differences between country diversification and global sector diversification? Country diversification is simply investing in different countries, while global sector diversification takes into account the dominant industry in a country. For example you wouldn’t need to invest in two countries when they both depend on the same industry. II. What are the differences between global and international investing? III. What is an “ADR”? How are they similar/different from stocks? It is a certificate issued by US banks that represent ownership of a certain number of shares. It provides foreign companies with the opportunity to sell their securities on the US stock exchange. IV. What is the MSCI? What advantage does it offer as a benchmarking tool? MSCI is Morgan Stanley Capital International and they are a leading provider of indexes. Their global equity benchmarks are the most widely used international indexes. They create indexes for emerging markets and developed markets in many
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Investing Advanced-Discussion-Global_Strategies - Advanced...

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