Relativism - James Lamb PHI 240 Groups in Relativism One...

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James Lamb PHI 240 Groups in Relativism One main argument against relativism comes in determining where exactly you draw the line as to what constitutes a group. It is obvious to everyone in the modern world that there are many different cultures in the world. We also know that in some of these cultures there are certain practices or customs that would be considered wrong or peculiar to an American citizen. Someone who believes in Relativism would conclude that this difference in opinion means that there is no single moral standard or universal right or wrong. A relativist would suppose that instead within each group there is a different moral standard with each one having its own version of right and wrong. The idea of the world being split into different “groups” is especially important in any defense of relativism. Now for someone who doesn’t believe in relativism they will take this whole idea and try to break it down. In Walter T. Stace’s argument Ethical Relativity he attacks the studies in anthropology saying they prove nothing in defense of relativism. He says that it has always been known even before anthropology that people had different customs in other locations. I will agree with him that people have known other people hold standards that differ from their own, but I can not agree that citing studies in anthropology provides nothing for a relativist argument. It would be foolish to argue that anthropology alone contains enough evidence to prove the idea of relativism, but it does add something to the argument. For someone who is not familiar with
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Relativism - James Lamb PHI 240 Groups in Relativism One...

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