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Midterm I study guide

Midterm I study guide - Atlantic Ocean covers 21 of earth's...

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Atlantic Ocean - covers 21% of earth’s total surface area - has most of our planet’s shallow seas - has relatively few islands - divided into east and west basins by a deep mid ocean ridge - receives the most freshwater runoff from land - flows into Mediterranean sea Pacific Ocean - Largest ocean - deepest ocean, on average - has the most islands that are actually the tops of volcanic mountains - linked to arctic ocean by Bering Strait Indian Ocean - Warmest surface temps Southern (Antarctic) - surrounds a continent - adjacent to the Weddell sea - adjacent to the Ross sea Arctic - Smallest ocean - Shallowest ocean, on average - linked to the Atlantic ocean by the Greenland Sea o Oceans cover 70% of world surface o Average depth of oceans: 2.4 miles, or 3800 m o Percent of earth’s available water in the oceans: 97% o Lithosphere- The crust and upper mantle of the earth (~60 miles thick) o weathering- Any of the chemical or mechanical processes by which rocks exposed to the weather undergo chemical decomposition and physical disintegration. Although weathering usually occurs at the Earth's surface, it can also occur at significant depths, for example through the percolation of groundwater through fractures in bedrock. It usually results in changes in the color, texture, composition, or hardness of the affected rocks. o
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  • Winter '08
  • Prezelin/MacIntyre
  • Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, equator western boundary, equator Eastern boundary, Ocean currents- water

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Midterm I study guide - Atlantic Ocean covers 21 of earth's...

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