07-10-02 --- MMW 4 Lecture 2

07-10-02 --- MMW 4 Lecture 2 - Week 1 Between Orthodox...

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07-10-02 1. Lecture Goal a. Western Christian Society in High Middles Ages (1000-1300) i. Contrast Indian Ocean with Mediterranean World b. European Expansion i. Wester/Christian society c. Trade i. Who are the key players? d. Identity i. What does it mean to be a Western Christian in the high middle ages? ii. How did they distinct themselves in this era iii. Who do they distinguish themselves from? e. Divisions 2. Trade a. Indian Ocean Trade Not an armed trade; merchants moved all over, passing what they need i. 1. there is no dominance in the Indian Ocean ii. Islam as stimulus 1. Language a. Arabic serves as a point of connection between the various cultures… Arabic is a common language 2. Law a. Islamic Law iii. Swahili Coast 1. Mogadishu to Kilwa a. Ibn Battuta pp. 21-22 b. 40 cities along the coast that all have the cultural blend, all independent of each other i. Bring goods form inland to the coast, and trade with the merchants 2. Coast vs. Inland 3. Religion a. Coast is Muslim b. Islam has not penetrated Inland Mediterranean Constant struggle for dominance of trade Catholic society expands at expense of the Orthodox non-Catholics b. Increasing Populations i. 1000-13000 1. 800 ca. 29 Million
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2. 1200 ca. 58 million c. Technology i. Heavier medieval plow ii. Horse over oxen 1. a. Faster b. Fewer people needed
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07-10-02 --- MMW 4 Lecture 2 - Week 1 Between Orthodox...

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