07-09-27 --- MMW 4 Lecture 1

07-09-27 --- MMW 4 Lecture 1 - Exchange: o Food o Ideas o...

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MMW 4: Professor Herbst Class covers: o 1200CE-1750CE Cultural Flavors o Give students a taste of everything o Cannot stay in one place for a long time Themes o Cultural Interaction o Cultures interact in a global way o People leave home, encounter other people o WHY? Diminishing resources Exotic Gains/Money The Ability to explore Religious persecution or missionary reasons Discovery of new routes Perhaps war for economic gain or for personal vendettas Slavery Imperialism/Assert power Natural Disaster/Escape Disease Education Soul Searching o Why leave home? War Religious Mission Exploration Adventure, etc. o China/ East Asia is producing things that the worlds wants Goods are moving West to England, Spain, and Portugal (Europe is the poorest segment in MMW 4 as far as economic power) Europe needs money (precious metal) to gain power The Nomad: A daily fear United Europe and Asia in one political entity
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Unformatted text preview: Exchange: o Food o Ideas o Technology o Disease o People Mass Migration (In the Millions) o Vast Distances o Disease A Tale of Many Cities o Constantinople o Venice o Cairo o Beijing o Delhi o Timbuktu o Tenochtitlan o Amsterdam Desire: o Non-essential products building empires, killing 1000s, moving peoples, and bringing on the Slave trade o Sugar leads to the enslavement of millions of Africans as Europeans discover a proper climate for profit Organization: o States: Trade Projection of Power Political Structure & Ideals o Religion & Society Cosmological Outlook o Meaning and Purpose o Relationship with Divine o Human relationships o Human Reason o Changes The Individual o Individual & State o Trends vs. Personal o Hermits Readings o Emphasis Travelers Ibn Battuta (d. 1304) o Man on the Ground o Morocco o Pilgrimage, 1325 o 30 Years Asia Africa Europe...
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07-09-27 --- MMW 4 Lecture 1 - Exchange: o Food o Ideas o...

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