07-10-09 --- MMW 4 Lecture 4

07-10-09 --- MMW 4 Lecture 4 - 1 Goals a Spain i Contacts...

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07-10-09 1. Goals a. Spain i. Contacts ii. Intellectual Tradition b. Sufism c. Turkish Power i. India d. Thursday i. Islam in Africa 2. Unity a. Common foundations i. Faith: Islam 1. From Cordita to Delhi there is a common faith ii. Law: Shari’a 1. trained in north Africa, but gets a job in India because of common laws 2. Ulama 3. Qadi a. Ibn Battuta iii. Language: Arabic allows him to speak from Africa to India and beyond iv. Khalifa: head of the muslim world v. Practices: 1. Hajj (Pilgramage) a. Pilgrims are moving throughout the region vi. Trade: 1. products moving around; silks, spices, slaves, animal products 3. Movement of Goods East to West 4. World of Islam a. Trade and Pilgrimage: i. Ibn Battuta, in his pilgrimage, encounters merchants ii. They are mixed b. Prophet Muhammad i. Merchant: Muhammad was a merchant 1. a connection to trade c. Trade and Merchants i. Common Language ii. Common Law iii. Common Relgion d. Spread of the Faith i. Spread to many regions in the Indian Ocean and Africa through Trade 5. Islamic Empire a. Merchant as Hero
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i. Arabian Nights 1. Sindband the Sailor: he is a hero, who is a merchant a. Muslim world praises the connection of religion and trade 6. Sources of Disunity a. Political Disunity: i. There are many kingdoms and principalities… not a single unified entity: 1. these kingdoms are often at war with one another b. Cultural Differences: i. Ibn Battuta 1. cannot communicate to those who speak Turkish, as he only knows Arabic ii. Peoples/Languages: 1. Arabs, Persians, Kurds, Turks, Berbers, Africans, etc. 2.
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07-10-09 --- MMW 4 Lecture 4 - 1 Goals a Spain i Contacts...

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