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Answer Key for Female and Male Sexual Functioning FEMALE 1. c. The clitoris has virtually as many nerve endings as the male penis. However, many women find that indirect stimulation of the clitoris is most satisfying due to its sensitivity. 2. b. The vagina is a muscular organ that will adapt to the size of any penis during intercourse. 3. b. Despite observations of penis captivus among animals such as dogs, penis captivus can only occur when the penis contains a bone. There is no documentation or anatomical explanation for penis captivus in women since the human male penis has no bone. 4. d. Many women find they need sexual stimulation or foreplay for more than twenty minutes to be able to relax emotionally and/or physically enough to reach orgasm. 5. a. The clitoris tends to withdraw under the folds of the labia minoris as sexual excitement increases and the woman approaches orgasm. 6. b. Many women who report multiple orgasms report that subsequent orgasms are more satisfying than the first. 7. d. The vagina is kept moist by secretions from the vaginal walls. These secretions increase with sexual stimulation. The secretions from the Bartholin glands are minimal and seem to secrete only enough fluid to create a genital scent. 8. a. Only the lower one-third of the vaginal barrel contains adequate nerve endings to be sensitive to stimulation. Therefore, penis size (length) is not a physiological factor in the degree of sexual satisfaction through intercourse. 9. a. Research studies show that orgasms vary a great deal in intensity and duration, even for one woman. 10. b. Absence of the hymen is not proof that a woman is no longer a virgin. The opening in the hymen can be stretched by horseback riding, gymnastics, motorcycle riding, and even use of tampons. 11. b. Ovulation does not occur as part of the sexual response cycle but instead is caused by the release of hormones as part of the menstrual cycle. 12. a,b,c, or d. In as short as ten seconds, any of the senses may provide enough sexual stimulation to cause vaginal lubrication. 13. a. This is the likelihood of one single act of intercourse resulting in pregnancy. However, the likelihood does exist, so contraceptives should be used. 14. a. It is common for females to experience a clear or whitish, nonirritating vaginal discharge. If the discharge is accompanied by itching or discomfort, however, it may be a sign of infection. 15. a.
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answer_key_for_female_and_male_sexual_functioning - Answer...

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