07-10-11 --- MMW 4 Lecture 5

07-10-11 --- MMW 4 Lecture 5 - The World of Islam Europe...

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07-10-11 The World of Islam: Europe, Africa, Asia 1. Goals a. African Societies i. North East 1. Egypt ii. Sub-Saharan Africa 1. Kingdom of Mali iii. Eat Africa 1. Ethiopia 2. Cairo i. Most prominent city in Islam ii. Overtook Baghdad; Mongols appear on the scene and fuck the shit out of Baghdad iii. Copious amounts of wealth and movement b. Dynasties: wealth controlled by two dynasties i. Ayyubids( ends 1250) ii. Mamluk (1250-1517) c. Crusades i. Egypt 1. Power House a. 4 th Crusade, 1203: i. Plan was to go to Egypt b. 5 th Crusade, 1218 i. Heads for Egypt; fails c. 7 th Crusade, 1248-50 i. Under Louis IX, heads to Egypt; fails d. Defenders of the Faith i. Baybars (d.1277) 1. is a Mamluk; bought cheap and young 2. Looked defective; had a cataract in his eye 3. purchased and ends up in a regiment in Egypt 4. people realize that he is a natural leader 5. he moves up the ranks; becomes Sultan ii. Mamluk sultanate (1250-1517) 1. accomplishments as Sultan: a. Mongols have overridden near east; they are unstoppable; enemies of Mongols are terrified; i. Baybars organizes the defense iii. 1. Mamluks beat the Mongols in Palastine 2. Drive the Crusaders out of the Middle East
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07-10-11 --- MMW 4 Lecture 5 - The World of Islam Europe...

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