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Points to Remember from the Text (Midterm#1) Chapter 3 What is the difference between gender role and gender identity? What parts of the brain are affected by prenatal hormones? How are they affected? Table 3.3 p. 54 Read about intersexuality. What is the latest philosophy on intervention? What is the difference between transsexual and transgendered according to your text? What does your text say are the environmental influences on sexual identity? Chapters 4 & 5 You don’t have to know all the microscopic structures and musculature of the genitalia, just the anatomy addressed in lecture. Read about breasts, breast self exam, ectopic pregnancy, pap smears, penis size, male genital examination for testicular cancer. ( I will be covering hormone therapy and
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Unformatted text preview: prostate cancer in the second midterm when we discuss aging and vaginal infections when we discuss STDs) Chapter 6 Cultural variations in sexual arousal Multiple orgasm The role of testosterone in sexual desire. Oxytocin Chapter 11 Fetal Development during pregnancy. Don’t have to know details, just that from lecture. Since I didn’t get to lecture about psychological aspects in class, It would be valuable for you all to read Chapter 11 carefully on the experience of pregnancy, sexual interaction during, and a healthy pregnancy, after childbirth. In addition, since we do not address abortion in class, the section on that is good to read....
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