07-10-16 --- MMW 4 Lecture 6

07-10-16 --- MMW 4 Lecture 6 - 1 Goal a China i Song...

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10-16-07 1. Goal a. China i. Song Dynasty ii. Mongols and Empire b. Thursday i. Mongol Rule ii. Consequences 1. Connections 2. not covered (could still be on TEST) a. China and the Mongols i. ii. Song Government and Religion 1. Neo-Confucianism 2. Shamanism 3. The Mystery People 4. Central Asia a. Eurasian Steppe i. Vast semiarid grassy plain 1. Eastern Europe to Manchuria 2. Lack: a. Agriculture: i. No rainfall to sustain it b. Towns and Cities: result of no agriculture 3. Yurts: a. Not houses; moveable settlements b. Lacks indoor plumbing, protects you from the elements ii. Pastoral Economy 1. Herds a. Sheep, horses, etc. i. William of Rubruck: b. Food, clothing, tools, fuel b. China [India, Persia, Rome] i. Conflict with nomads ii. Wall: keep the nomad out c. Diverse Group i. No central government 1. a. temporary units organized for military action b. chief: decides when to move the clan; c. Khan: head of the large grouping of units i. If he fails, get rid of him ii. 1. mixed
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iii. Religion 1. Shamanism 2. Buddhism 3. Christianity d. Women i. Ibn Battuta 1. among Turks in central Asia (p. 27) a. they hold a more dignified position than the men b. face visible; they do not veil themselves ii. Flocks 1. women tend the flock (100,000s of sheep, oxen) iii. Yurt 1. set up the Yurt; take it down iv. Clothing 1. women make it 2. women drive the carts v. Decision making process 1. involved; not veiled; e. The Horse 1. the one animal women don’t take care of ii. Ibn Battuta 1. “ a single turk will possess thousands of horses” iii. Training
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07-10-16 --- MMW 4 Lecture 6 - 1 Goal a China i Song...

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