07-10-30 --- MMW 4 Lecture 7

07-10-30 --- MMW 4 Lecture 7 - 1 Mongols a Conquests i...

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07-10-30 1. Mongols a. Conquests i. Russia 1. 1240’s 2. Kiev in 1240 – center of Russian civilization ii. Near East 1. 1250’s iii. China 1. 1270’s iv. Pax Mongolica 1. 13 th and Early 14 th Century b. Near East i. Iran/Iraq 1. cataclysm- wave of destruction 2. Farms. Irrigation, towns destroyed 3. 1258-Baghdad Caliph destroyed; citizens massacred ii. Anatolia 1. Ibn Battuta iii. Waves of Nomads 1. Turks- nomads – not citizens of any state iv. Sufi 1. Wandering Dervishes (preachers) a. Look like shamans/ miracle workers b. Look untraditional even by sufi standards 2. Preachers and miracle workers 3. Influence among Turks v. Turkish Roots ( Islamic ) 1. Ottoman (1300-1922) 2. Safavid (1501-1722) a. Persia b. Safavids are not Turks, but are essential in foundation of the dynasty 3. Mughals (1526-1858) a. India (?) 4. Gunpowder Empires a. each dynasty uses Gunpowder and fire power to assert dominance 2. Ottoman Empire a. Craig Text i. Law , Government , Culture ----- SEE Craig Text b. Safavid Persia c. Begins with Osman i. Followers called Osmanli
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ii. Osman is one of many Turkish principalities, or Beys iii. They are nomads iv. Has the Good fortune of being located next to the Byzantine Empire 1. They can fight against Christians; raid Byzantium 2. fight other Turks as well v. Osman’s family will Rule from 1300 – 1922 in the Ottoman (Osmanli) Empire d. By 1354 they “gobble up” other Turkish principalities
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07-10-30 --- MMW 4 Lecture 7 - 1 Mongols a Conquests i...

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