07-11-29 --- MMW 4 Lecture 11

07-11-29 --- MMW 4 Lecture 11 - 07-11-29 1. Goal a....

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07-11-29 1. Goal a. Response to W. Power i. Russia ii. Japan iii. China b. Final Paper i. Due Week 10 1. Turnitin.com ii. Academic Misconduct 2. Russia a. Orthodox i. Inherited the Byzantine Legacy 1. the 3 rd Rome ii. Moscow 1. Patriarch b. Religious Divide i. Catholic 1. Poles and Lithuanians ii. Protestants: appear in 16 th century as ‘3 rd party” 1. Swedes c. Cultural Divide d. Russian Expansion i. 16 th and 17 th Century e. Issues i. 1. Blocked 2. cannot expand by Sea 3. expands by land East 4. Strong States ii. Navy iii. Changes 1. Nomads: no longer the threat 2. settled conquered the Nomad iv. Russia can only expand to the East because the West offers stronger states f. Siberia i. Offers abundance of furs g. Treaty of Merchinsk (1689), Amur River, Jesuits i. Treaty with Chinese ii. Divide Russia from China along Amur River h. Time of Troubles, 1598-1613 i. No Czar who can control this land ii. Poles, Swedes: invading i. Romanov Dynasty i. 1613-1917
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j. Russia vs. West i. Lagging - technologically behind 1. Serfdom- basis of Russian economy a. Cossacks- independent groups of serfs willing to fight to preserve their independence ii. Battle of the Narva (1700) 1. 8,500 vs. 45,000 2. Russians lack the training and technology k. Polish-Lithuanian Union (16 th C.) i. Expansion
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07-11-29 --- MMW 4 Lecture 11 - 07-11-29 1. Goal a....

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