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07-04-04 --- MMW 3 Lecture 2

07-04-04 --- MMW 3 Lecture 2 - MMW 3 1(april 21st)753-509...

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MMW 3 1. (april 21 st )753-509 BC: a. Traditional founding of Rome b. Rome has 7 kings over the course of this period i. it was a monarchy c. 6 good kings, last king was bad d. 2. 509 – c.30 BC: a. Roman republic i. Very similar to Americans in “our republic” b. Rome started to dominate neighbors c. Came to dominate Italy, then came Sicily, N. Africa i. Called them “provinces” of the Roman Empire d. Romans said they weren’t planning on conquering i. Merely defending themselves or allied neighbor e. Roman republic destroyed because they were so good at dominating other people 3. consul: a. 2 elected each year b. Given all the power of a king for one year c. In theory: i. could not be reelected to office ii. both consuls had to agree before action occurred iii. one could block the other from doing something 4. imperium: “power to command” a. consuls had full imperium b. they were the domestic rulers, but also military generals at times of war 5. dictator: a. Roman’s recognized that at sometimes, it could be conflicting to have two
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