07-04-13 --- MMW 3 Lecture 5

07-04-13 --- MMW 3 Lecture 5 - c. Comes to into contact...

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MMW 3 1. Tacitus: / Pliny/Trajan (98-117 AD): pagan intellectual a. Reign of the emperor Trajan b. pagan: “Gentile:” non-jew and also non-Christian c. all wrote around 110 AD 2. Rome: a. Claims that they never intended on being so large b. Eventually, was a dominant partner in its alliances c. Allies: i. got protection from outside forces ii. lost independent foreign policy iii. now had to give troops to Roman army d. handed out grades of citizenship i. lower form could not vote, but were still citizens of Rome ii. by 88 BC, all of Italy was granted full Roman citizenship iii. In Paul, it is exchanged that Paul has full Roman citizenship; however, one centurion says he had to buy it iv. 212 AD: Emperor declared that everyone living in Roman Empire was a Roman citizen 3. Paul a. Tells people not to obey law i. Possible that he could have been, in letter to the Thalacians; however, most likely only told Gentile-Christians, not Jewish Christians b. Is a “gentile lover” 4. Caesarea: a. Paul is taken here for protection from his 40 assassins b. Escorted by 500 Soldiers
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Unformatted text preview: c. Comes to into contact with two governors of Judea i. Felix: knows about the way 1. not Jewish, but married to a Jew 2. he is Roman 3. he stalls Pauls process (in hopes that Paul would bribe him) 4. he was recalled by Emperor ii. Festus: new governor 1. doesnt seem interested in the whole matter of Judaism 2. Paul presents his side to him d. Agrippa: Jewish royalty i. Paul talks to him, says Agrippa, am I persuading you? ii. Agrippa replies: Paul, you almost got me to become a Christian 1. suggests that the only difference between Jews and Christians is that Messiah was Jesus 5. Back to Rome: a. Almost obsessive observation of procedure b. Military tribune i. Romans In charge of 1/10 of a legion ~ 500 soldiers in front of temple ii. 6. cohort 7. centurion 8. we passages a. 16:10-17 b. 20:5-15 c. 21:1-18 d. 27:1-28:16 9. Asia Minor 10. Jewish Revolt 11. 66-70 AD 12. triumph 13. The Jewish War 14. idio generic humani...
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07-04-13 --- MMW 3 Lecture 5 - c. Comes to into contact...

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