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07-04-18 --- MMW 3 Lecture 7

07-04-18 --- MMW 3 Lecture 7 - Christianity is becoming the...

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04/17/07 Christianity is becoming the official religion of the Empire Augustine - Christian theorist - believer - first converted at the age of 19 (18th, actually) · Confession to God o Looking back on his life o He has been a Christian for a long time o Several conversions to the Truth in stages o Augustine’s confessions § In his 19th year, he converts to philosophy after reading Cicero § Another conversion afterwards, to mancheism, then at 30, Neplotanium (?) § Then in book 8- converts to Christianity fully o Plot: § Augustine is intelligent § Literature professor with career concerns § His Sins ú Not anything egregiously sinful ú Stole from parents when he was young ú Cheated at games ú As a teenager, he and his friends stole pears and threw them at pigs ú Lived with a mistress, had a son and weren’t married ú Sex drive is out of control ú “made a plan in church that should have brought me death” (lustful thoughts? Planned adultery?) ú Turned his back to God ú
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