07-05-09 --- MMW 3 Lecture 12

07-05-09 --- MMW 3 Lecture 12 - Empire One sovereign...

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Empire: One sovereign country dominating others, not absorbing them o Earlier empire was taken as something good. o Advantages of Empire: Wealth (taxes, etc.) Security o Rome grew very slowly under Roman republic – eventually the Empire destroyed the republic Also fell slowly o Used the idea of graded citizenship to be a carrot vs. stick of the army o United States: Empire or Not? We do dominate other countries Governors (?) – called ambassadors and consuls Power of the President: War Powers Act allows President to wage war for 90 days before congress must get in the way In Clinton Administration: Muslim Empire: based on new religion of Islam o Within 12 years of the death of the prophet- all of Arabia was together the ‘Middle East’ had been conquered – previously held by the Byzantine and the Persians, who were themselves conquered. Egypt, as well, was conquered Made it to Spain, conquered Spain ( 732/Poitiers Tours ) Lost in France, went back to Spain: 800 years of Arabian control Made East to India, and even on the Chinese frontier o Quran did not require this to happen, in Chamby’s opinion: Unlike Christianity, in which Jesus is represented as telling them to spread the words to the gentiles Fuck Vince Fucking Fuck Clit
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07-05-09 --- MMW 3 Lecture 12 - Empire One sovereign...

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