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07-05-25 --- MMW 3 Lecture 14 - sought out him his...

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Sui: (581-618) o Other father and son dynasty o First Sui emperor came after time of division o Came to power by killing 59 princes who all claimed to be legitimate bearers of the throne – pretender First Sui Emperor instituted a purge of 59 ‘pretenders’ to the throne Built up major bad Karma, spent his life trying to buy off his karma by donating to Buddhist church Sui was the father-in-law of the emperor of the previous dynasty Sui realized that he himself might be purged someday, so he started to make moves to protect himself and his family Son-in-law died very young so his son, only 6, came into power. Sui acted as a regent to the next emperor Little 6 year old pretty much got eaten One of Sui’s titles was Son of Heaven : Does not mean he is the son of god, but it means heaven
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Unformatted text preview: sought out him/ his ancestors and approved him as emperor o Mandate of Heaven: The favor of heaven: not immutable, can change and turn against you • Qin: (220-206 BC) o Happened after 300 years of division o Came form the Northwest o Only two emperors: father and son Son lasted not long • Connections between Sui & Qin: o Both came to power through violence o Both ,murdered royalty • Tang: (618-906) o Dynasty have Sui • Taizong: (r. 627-649) o Not the founder of the Tang dynasty, his father was o The Father was dominated by his son o Taizong pressured his father to abdicate o Taizong was not the oldest son, has his older sons murdered • Official history • Garrison • Oblique title:...
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