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07-06-06 --- MMW 3 Lecture 16

07-06-06 --- MMW 3 Lecture 16 - Bodhisattva Maitreya o The...

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Bodhisattva: Maitreya: o The outlook that the maheyana(?) brought to Buddhism Is the Buddha really in Nirvana or did he just use it as a fib to entice certain people? The belief that there have been many Buddha’s before and there will be many after Mainly that there are Bodhisattva, or potential Buddha’s, all over the place o They delay entering Nirvana to help others or because they refuse to enter Nirvana until all others are in a state of Nirvana You can pray to the bodhisattva 3 Jewels: o The Buddha o The Dharma: The teaching the Buddha brought o The Community Buddhism v. Daosim o At first had to compete with Daoism, before they realized that they could coincide o Buddhism and Daoism borrowed from each other Daoism: often comes down to a search for immortality o Daoists develop monasteries and have celibate monks (just like Buddhism) o Buddhist monks start to claim that they can perform miracles (live forever and move shit around – LIKE DAOISM) o A strong central government mitigated against Buddhism, as they could control what you believe, such as the Han Dynasty
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