07-09-28 --- LTWL19A Lecture 1

07-09-28 --- LTWL19A Lecture 1 - same area in the Archaic...

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07-09-28 The Periods of Greek History o 3000 ( Approx. Start Date) Bronze Age o 1200 Dark Age (1100 Iron Age) o 750 Archaic Age Greeks settle all over the world By the later part of the period the Persian are rather impressed by the Greeks, even though they are much more powerful o Imported Greek doctors, scholars, military equipment Greeks are not a unified people, only rarely in certain situations do they come together This is the Period in which the Greeks come together culturally, absorbing the cultural accomplishments of other Mediterranean countries (they were “late bloomers”) o Greeks were borrowers rather than inventors Alphabet came from Phoenicians Got the idea of writing things down from the
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Unformatted text preview: same area in the Archaic period (The Bible was being written down) It seems that they received some stories from the other cultures Artistic styles borrow from the Egyptian Nile Valley area Iron-working came from east (Cyprus) o 480 Classical Age Greeks begin to be imitated Festivals, Gods, Vocabulary, Art, Architecture Codes of Law are imitated o 336 Hellenistic Age (Philips death) o 150 BCE Roman Occupation o 395 CE Byzantine Age o 1453 Turkish Occupation ( Ottomans) o 1821-30 War of Independence Influences of the Greek Rhetoric Worship Philosophy...
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07-09-28 --- LTWL19A Lecture 1 - same area in the Archaic...

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