07-10-05 --- LTWL19A Lecture 4

07-10-05 --- LTWL19A Lecture 4 - 19A Lecture 3 Achilles and...

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19A Lecture 3 Achilles and the Heroic Values of the Iliad: The Proem, The Quarrel, The Embassy 1. The Proem of the Iliad a. Major themes of the poem: i. Wrath/Rage ( menis ) : Achilles is the only human who possesses this wrath; mostly used to describe divine wrath 1. tells us that this wrath was very large; killed many people 2. this tells us that Achilles is a hero not for saving lives, but for taking numerous lives ii. Achilles is famous, in addition, for getting in an argument with Agamemnon iii. Feasting: the one mention of something that could be life sustaining is done in context of dogs and birds feasting on the dead 1. A morbid use of feasting iv. The Will of Zeus: 1. In Odyssey: claims that human’s are to blame for their misfortune; that they blame God’s far too much for their problems; human’s lack self-control 2. Iliad seems to contrast this concept 2. The Quarrel a. Agamemnon vs. Achilles in Book 1 1. Achilles gets Angry and withdraws his support from the war because Agamemnon took away his war-prize 2. Achilles recognizes an injustice in Agamemnon’s request for compensation: it is a breech of contemporary protocol 3. Achilles refers to Agamemnon as “shameless” in his retort to Agamemnon’s terms of agreement (i.e: he gets Achilles’
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07-10-05 --- LTWL19A Lecture 4 - 19A Lecture 3 Achilles and...

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