07-10-12 --- LTWL19A Lecture 7

07-10-12 --- LTWL19A Lecture 7 - protect them c Loses his...

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The Structure of the Iliad 1. The structure of the narrative: for the most part; chronological a. Three stages (1-7, 8-17, 18-24) i. Stage 1 (Diomedes/ normative) 1. This book shows us the basic conflict and the norm of the story 2. Diomedes: fights heroically and responsibly; for honor; fights in defense of his philoi; a. Receives aristeia in this stage; b. Shows a lot of respect for Agamemnon c. (this is very NOT Achilles) d. Book IV (430-434) : i. Agamemnon refers to Diomedes as less courageous than his father; ii. He doesn’t take it personally; just takes it as his job e. Book IX: Diomedes gets up to challenge Agamemnon’s speech ii. Stage 2 (Patroclus/ complex heroism) 1. focus is on Achilles’ withdrawal and the consequences of his withdrawal: Trojan success, Patroclus’ death 2. Patroclus: a. His relationship to honor: i. Not trying to get it for himself; for someone else b. Only supposed to fight for the Myrmidons and
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Unformatted text preview: protect them c. Loses his identity when he wears Achilles’ Armor; becomes Achilles iii. Stage 3 (Achilles/ beyond humanity) 1. Big aristeia of this section belongs to Achilles; this one is so violent that the entire cosmos is shaken by it 2. Achilles gets a similar aristeia as the star description; however, there is a kind of sinister quality to his heroism 3. when he fights the River, has Athena and others as help 4. Achilles’ power can only be matched, if even, by the gods themselves b. Other patterns related to the stages 2. The Iliad’s symmetrical allusions to other parts of the cycle a. Books 2-4 b. Books 22-24 3. Geometric symmetry a. Characteristics of this style b. First and last three books i. Books 1 and 24 ii. Books 2 and 23 iii. Books 3 and 22 c. Ring Composition...
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07-10-12 --- LTWL19A Lecture 7 - protect them c Loses his...

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