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07-10-29 --- LTWL19A Lecture 9

07-10-29 --- LTWL19A Lecture 9 - Introduction to the...

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07-10-29 Introduction to the Homeric Hymns: Panhellenism Midterm Information o Do not need bluebooks/paper or anything o Exam is not long; not pages and pages of work o Passage Identifications (5) Mostly from the Iliad 1 (maybe 2) from Apollo Context; speaker; audience; either from Iliad or from Apollo; Connect passage to context of lecture (not going to be obscure passages) o Bring pencils/ pen Greeks: o Do not live in Greece; live in a collections of city-states, or polis(poles) o They were autonomous; had ties between each other; usually ties came through philotes Higher-ups of two cities might have been philoi or might have had intermarriage o Take join action o All spoke different dialects, but understood each other 1. The rise of Panhellenism ( all the Greeks ) in the 8 th century i. In 8 th century, there is suddenly an increase in the dedications ii. Increased the unity even within the rivalries b. Sanctuaries i. Had athletic/poetic/literary contests c. Cults i. Delphi ii. Helos – Birth of Apollo d. Festivals
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