07-11-26 --- LTWL19A Lecture 14

07-11-26 --- LTWL19A Lecture 14 - 07-11-26 Background to...

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07-11-26 Background to Aeschylus: Cleisthenes’ reforms and war with Persia 1. The emergence of democracy in Athens a. Solon and Post-Solon 1. Stasis: for 40-50 years after Solon, back-and-forth changes of power, with nothing really getting done b. Pisistratus (tyrant 546-527) i. Coalition of the masses and a number of wealthy people who backed him, to end the stasis ii. Considered not such a bad guy, governed according to the law iii. Program and achievements 1. raised taxes and put the money into the city 2. built up the acropolis 3. built public fountains a. free water 4. improved roads a. unifies the region, encourage trade, provided employment opportunities 5. subsidized, made loans available to farmers 6. took a rural festival (festival of Dionysis) and made it into a huge city festival: City Dionysia (534) a. festival at which tragedies and comedies were performed b. supported by mandatory donations made by the rich 7. The Great Panathenea a. Athenian cultural festival included games n such 8. A lot of employment 9. Effect on practice of cults iv. Son as successor (Hippias) 527-510 1. Overthrown 510 2. Stasis: oligarchs and the Hippiads 3. Isagoras removes all citizens who received citizenship
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07-11-26 --- LTWL19A Lecture 14 - 07-11-26 Background to...

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