07-10-01 --- HIEU102 Lecture 1

07-10-01 --- HIEU102 Lecture 1 - 3. ( Primary ) Sources of...

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07-10-01 1. Significance of Roman History a. Exercised a great deal of influence on western and eastern culture b. Many of the nations that exist today owe something to ancient Rome i. United States government is very based on Roman Republic ii. Language of Rome, Latin, used in scientific terminology and was also the common language of scholars c. Conquered a lot of territories d. The way the Romans governed their territories is much more important; the influence they had on their territories 2. Phases of Roman History a. Period of the Kings (753-510 BCE) b. Roman Republic (510 – 27 BCE) c. Roman Empire (27 BCE – 395 CE) d. Divided Empire (395 CE – 476 ) i. e. Byzantine Empire (476 – 1453 CE) i. This is the Eastern Empire ii. We will not talk about this Different ways of looking at Roman history f. Rulers g. How people live h. Gender Relations ; classes of society ; expansion of territory i. How other cultures and conquered territories influenced the Romans j.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. ( Primary ) Sources of Roman History a. Annales: i. The official chronicle of Rome, kept by the Government ii. Each year a notable event would be recorded in the Annales 1. very brief, but existent nonetheless 2. record., also, the serving consuls of the year iii. The older annals were destroyed in a fire in Rome b. Pictor (Quintus Fabius Pictor) i. Senator from 225 BC ii. Wrote in Greek; though he spoke Latin 1. Latin still primitive language at the time iii. Chronicled the History of Rome from the beginnings up until his very day iv. His work is now lost. SHIT! c. Polybius i. Rise of the Roman Empire ii. Wrote in the 2 nd Century BC up until 146 BC iii. Talks about Punic Wars; very detail iv. Oldest existing source for a lot of things v. Writes about Roman constitution d. Livy i. Wrote a huge, huge history of Rome from beginnings all the way up to Augustus Caesar in 142 Books 1. some of the books are missing 2. we have first books a. 1-10; 21-45 ii....
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07-10-01 --- HIEU102 Lecture 1 - 3. ( Primary ) Sources of...

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