07-10-03 --- HIEU102 Lecture 2

07-10-03 --- HIEU102 Lecture 2 - 1 Ancient Italy a Italy...

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07-10-03 1. Ancient Italy a. Italy Before the City i. Italic peoples 1. Indo Europeans ii. Etruscans 1. Complete unique language 2. lived on Italian Western coast b. The Iron Age in Etruria, Latium and Campania (c. 900-c.725 BCE) i. Villanovan Culture = Etruria a. Etrurians were the first to use Iron 2. Culture included quite large village: a. 1000+ inhabitants b. Not cites: Clusters of huts w/o elaborate social systems 3. Latium a. Started using Iron shortly after Etruria c. Greeks and Phoenicians in the Central Mediterranean i. Phoenicia = Modern day Lebanon 1. very early sea-going peoples 2. made money off of trade from the sea 3. dominated the Eastern Mediterranean a. only rivals were the Greeks 4. c. 1000 BCE ; sent out settlers to other parts of the Mediterranean a. Trade outposts to spread the trade b. Sailor port, essentially 5. Some outposts eventually developed into full-fledged cities: a. Carthage (founded 800 BCE): i. Originally Phoenician ii. Supposedly a colony of the city of Tyre iii. Supposedly founded by Phoenician Queen; Dido iv. Gained independence when Phoenicia was conquered by the Syrians v. Flourished on its own and became a very popular trading colony ii. Greeks: 1. Also sea-going 2. Not-so-much interested in Mediterranean trade as much as interested in establishing new colonies and land 3. Greeks were not united under one Kingdom 4. Various cities sent out all sorts of settlers to start colonies a. Pithecusa : (c. 755 BCE)
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i. Island off the coast of Italy; Greek colony b. Cumae ( c. 750 BCE) i. Colony from Pithecusa after it was founded c. Magna Graecia i. Down in the ‘heel’ and ‘foot’ of Italy had
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07-10-03 --- HIEU102 Lecture 2 - 1 Ancient Italy a Italy...

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