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07-10-08 --- HIEU102 Lecture 3

07-10-08 --- HIEU102 Lecture 3 - 1 Rome of The Kings i...

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07-10-08 1. Rome of The Kings i. Sources are very unreliable (a lot of legend) b. Foundation Legends i. Aeneas 1. Left Troy in the Trojan War; sailed to Asia Minor; Sailed to Italy; began dynasty that would one day lead to the first king of Rome a. Supposedly founded Lavinium, son transferred it to Alba Longa 2. Not True ii. Remus and Romulus 1. birthed by a Vestal Virgin, cast into a river to be killed a. found by a she-wolf, raised them. Eventually, a quarrel resulted in Remus’ death, Rome is named after Romulus c. Emergence of an Urban Community 1. Seven Hills of Rome: comes from 7 Heavenly Bodies: Sun, Moon, 5 visible planets 2. Rome is 18 miles away from the Tiber river; inland far enough that they won’t be in danger of looting by pirates; close enough that it provides commerce and trade access a. South: i. Palatine, Caelian, and Aventine hills 1. Form a triangle b. Northern Group: i. Remaining 4 hills form a semi-circle c. Two groups of people living in the place, before the “arrival of the Trojans” ii.
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