07-10-15 --- HIEU102 Lecture 5

07-10-15 --- HIEU102 Lecture 5 - 1 The Early Republic a...

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10/15/07 1. The Early Republic a. Struggle of the Orders i. Grievances of the Plebs 1. could vote in Centuriate Assembly 2. couldn’t hold any of the new offices 3. couldn’t be in the senate 4. chief power did not rest in all the people 5. Patrician’s turned into the kings, oppressive to the Plebs 6. Patricians were getting richer, Plebs getting poorer 7. Plebs were not safe after wars; houses had little protection 8. Unjust distribution of public land ii. The First Secession (c. 494 NCE) 1. Plebeian’s revolt: no longer served in the army; deserted; marched to a mountain not far from Rome a. Proposed to form an independent city 2. concessions of the Patricians: a. tribune of the plebs: i. office position; representative of the Plebs b. aediles: assistant to the tribune i. two aediles; one for each tribune c. the Plebeian Assembly: official instrument of the government; i. tribunes could call them together and address the people; no magistrate could interfere ii. assembly could pass ‘resolutions,’ which would be binding, at this time, only on the plebs 3. Spurius Casius: a. A consul; lover of the plebs; labored to protect their interest b. Made a treaty with all the Latin towns
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07-10-15 --- HIEU102 Lecture 5 - 1 The Early Republic a...

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