07-10-29 --- HIEU102 Lecture 6

07-10-29 --- HIEU102 Lecture 6 - The Early Republic(cont'd...

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07-10-29 The Early Republic(cont’d) 1. Roman Conquest of Italy (cont’d) a. Rupture between Rome and Tarentum i. Tarentum is a Greek colony ii. Treaty said that Rome wasn’t able to send naval ships to dock in Tarentum 1. Greeks attacked them when they docked there 2. Romans demanded reparations; Tarentum says “stick it” 3. Pyrrhus is called and war begins b. War with Pyrrhus (280-275 BCE) i. Pyrrhus brings 25,000 men to Italy; 20 elephants. 1. Elephants good ii. Battle on south coast, Pyrrhus wins battle but suffers such losses that he couldn’t follow up iii. Pyrrhic victory - a victory in which losses are so great that you don’t “really” win it (“you kinda lose, even though you won”) iv. Pyrrhus fights Masedonian style – long spears; 5 rows of men have spears sticking out front v. Pyrrhus is under the impression that Rome cannot be conquered; sends out a speaker to Rome, who, even with his eloquent tongue, could not persuade Romans to peace vi. Next battle as Asculum, same Pyrrhic victory vii. Pyrrhus decides to head to Sicily; free Sicilians from Carthage 1. lays siege to their greatest city 2. couldn’t capture it 3. returns to southern Italy viii. Defeated and forced to leave c. Final Reduction of Italy (272-266 BCE)
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i. Rome has no real rival; decides to subjugate the rest of lower Italy
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07-10-29 --- HIEU102 Lecture 6 - The Early Republic(cont'd...

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