07-11-05 --- HIEU102 Lecture 8

07-11-05 --- HIEU102 Lecture 8 - 07-11-05 1. The Second...

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07-11-05 1. The Second Punic War (218-202 BCE) i. The war to decide who was the superpower of the mediterranean ii. Hannibal was the Carthaginian commander iii. Rome won; Carthage loses all their territory b. From Saguntum to Cannae (218-216) i. Fall of Saguntum 1. Carthage takes Spain and Hannibal remains town Carthagonova. a. Hannibals base of Operation 2. Rome tells Carthage not to cross Iberian River 3. Hannibal wants a war with Rome a. Lays siege to Saguntum; Greek Province 4. Rome sends embassy to Carthage: a. “Don’t attack Saguntum” b. Carthage chooses War ii. Rome’s Plan 1. two armies: a. one goes to Africa b. one goes to Spain iii. Hannibal’s Invasion 1. Hannibal decides only way to keep Carthage safe is to attack Italy 2. leaves his brother, Hasdrubal iv. Hannibal’s Early Victories 1. decimated the Roman army at early skirmishes on the Po River v. Battle of Lake Trasumenus (217) 1. Hannibal navigated past Roman army, doubles back 2. hides in hills near Lake 3. they wander by and are ambushed vi. Quintus Fabius Maximus, Dictator 1. of the Gens “Fabii” 2. He was the embassador who went to Carthage and “did the thing with his toga” vii. Hannibal 1. does not attack Rome itself 2. goes through territories of allies of Rome, trying to turn allies to his side 3. Hannibal and Quintus both did not want to get into a confrontation: a. Quintus harassed Hannibal’s army 4. Romans did not like Fabius’ strategy; wanted him to just go and fight 5. After a while, Hannibal starts trying to chase him down and fighting him
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viii. Fabius: 1. given the name “Fabius conctator” or Fabius the Delayor 2. eventually, after Hannibal escaped Campania, was let go ix. Battle of Cannae (216)
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07-11-05 --- HIEU102 Lecture 8 - 07-11-05 1. The Second...

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