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07-11-19 --- HIEU102 Lecture 9

07-11-19 --- HIEU102 Lecture 9 - 1 The Rise of Sulla a The...

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07-11-19 1. The Rise of Sulla a. The Social War (91-87 BCE) i. Marcus Livius Drusus ii. Lucius Cornelius b. The Conflict Between Marius and Sulla (87) i. Sulla took over Rome with his army ii. Supician Laws: rescinded these laws iii. Marius driven from the city; his party members and family considered outlaws iv. Put the government power in the hands of the Senate c. The First Mithridatic War (87-83) i. Fighting against Mithridates VI, who is from Pontis 1. made himself king of the area and extended power over large portion of Asia Minor 2. induced many of the Greek cities to revolt against Rome and join his cause 3. Italians on Asiatic coast were massacred 4. Athens, Macedonia and others showed favor to him ii. Sulla comes in 1. lays siege to Athens and captures it 2. destroys a couple armies 3. Mithridates signs treaty giving up every conquest and paying a lot of money 4. Greek cities pay money, too d. What’s been going on in Rome while Sulla was away? i. Two consuls left in power: one was a friend of Sulla one was a Populares man, Cinna e. Cinna and the Marian Massacres i. Started making laws to rescind laws of Sulla and bring back laws of other guy ii. Other consul brought in an army and declared it a “illegal assembly” and 10,000 citizens are killed in the skirmish iii. Cinna appeals to his army; appeals to Marius to come back and be allies 1. Marius goes YaY and returns iv. They take over the city ; Marius closes the gates of the city and start the killing 1. other consul: dead 2. five days straight: killed all political enemies 3. friends of Sulla: dead 4. plunder: occurring v. Marius and Cinna declare themselves consul 1. Marius dies after a few days of consulship f. Sulla’s War with the Marian Party (82)
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i. Sulla returns, Cinna killed ii. On his voyage back to Rome: 1. 2 new consuls each send their army 2. other armies engage him g. The Sullan Proscriptions i. wanted to reconstruct the government; but first, kill your enemies 1. outlawed all officers who took part against him: a. 2 talons for anyone who killed them 2.
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