07-11-26 --- HIEU102 Lecture 10

07-11-26 --- HIEU102 Lecture 10 - The End of the Republic 1...

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07-11-26 The End of the Republic 1. The Rise of Antony and Octavian a. Octavian i. Adopted as Caesar’s son (actually Caesar’s grand nephew) ii. Takes on the name Gaius Julius Caesar Octavian b. Rivalry Between Antony and Octavian (44-43) i. Octavian asked for his inheritance; Antony said no, it was for the people ii. Octavian sells all his property and raises money; gives the people all the inheritance money that they were supposed to get 1. people grew rapidly in popular favor iii. Antony tries to work with him c. Cicero i. Wanted to do anything to weaken Antony ii. Desired prevention of an alliance between Antony and Octavian iii. Cicero and Antony verbally battle on senate floor iv. Antony goes to Cisalpine Gaul and claims it from one of the Brutus brothers 1. Cicero has senate proclaimed a public enemy 2. award Octavian privilege of Senator with Rank of Consul, so that he can go fight Antony a. Antony defeated v. Octavian asks for triumph and full consulship- denied it 1. takes possession of Rome with troops 2. put himself, forcefully, on the ballot; people vote for him vi. Cicero alienated Octavian vii. Octavian and Antony form Alliance d. The Second Triumvirate (43-38) i. Antony, Octavian, and Lepidus:
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07-11-26 --- HIEU102 Lecture 10 - The End of the Republic 1...

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