07-11-28 --- HIEU102 Lecture 11

07-11-28 --- HIEU102 Lecture 11 - The Empire Under Augustus...

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The Empire Under Augustus 1. Other Aspects of His Reign a. Advisors of Augustus i. Agrippa 1. boyhood friend of Augustus 2. aided him through his trials 3. fought along side him 4. not only was a great strategists, he also contributed to the architectural splendor of Rome ii. Maecenas 1. statesmen, patron of literature 2. encouraged the writing of some of the greatest works of Roman literature 3. had literature meetings to share idea a. attempt to make Latin a literary language b. Encouragement of Architecture i. Built palace on Palantine hill ii. Temple of Vesta (fire of city kept buring) iii. Built temples to Apollo iv. Built Library v. Forum of Augustus 1. near old forum 2. brand new temple to Mars vi. and a Pantheon 1. temple to all the gods vii. c. Patronage of Literature i. Vergil’s Aeneid, Odes of Horace ii. Livy wrote his History of Rome during this period d. Religious and Social Reforms i. Religious and moral condition of people – improved it 1. he was very conservative in religion ii. put his wife in charge of worship of Juno 1. had been neglected for a while iii. discouraged introduction of any foreign deities iv. inaugurated the Imperial Cult 1. worship of the Empire (emperor) 2. ‘spirit of Rome’ a. Had priesthood, temple, the whole sh-bang 3. practical purpose a. shows your allegiance to the state v. revival of Roman morality 1. disdained fashions and lavish living that had come about 2. laws: a. marriage/divorce laws
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3. encouraged lots and lots of babied 2. Death a. Died at 75- ruled 45 b. Problem of successor i. Not of the blood, Julian Gens; of the Claudian Gens ii. Becomes Julio-Claudian gens 3. Tiberius a. Kind of adopted son of Augustus b. Character of Tiberius i. Lot of complaints ii. Past laws iii. Good general – fairly able
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07-11-28 --- HIEU102 Lecture 11 - The Empire Under Augustus...

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