07-12-03 --- HIEU102 Lecture 12

07-12-03 --- HIEU102 Lecture 12 - 1 The Flavian...

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07-12-03 1. The Flavian Emperors (69-96 CE) a. The Reign of Titus (79 – 81) i. “Delight of Mankind”: nickname 1. popular: people loved him 2. make sure to always to things and give things to the people: a. festivals, games, gifts to the peoples 3. fire in Rome during his re ign ii. Destruction of Herculaneum and Pompeii 1. Mt. Vesuvius erupted b. The Reign of Domitian i. The Tyranny of Domitian 1. brought to an end the Happy period 2. ignored the senate 3. revived the practice of delation 4. guilty of contortion 5. always worried people were conspiring to kill him 6. really promoted the Imperial Cult a. erected statue of himself in a Imperial Cult Temple ii. Agricola in Britain 1. appointed governor by Vespasian 2. largely responsible for progress of Roman Britannia 3. assassinated 2. Life and Manners of the Romans a. The Silver Age of Roman Literature: i. Juvenal ii. Suetonius iii. Martial b. Houses of the Romans c. Meals i. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner ii. Dinner is chief meal iii. Food of pourer class 1. Pourage-breakfast 2. Vegetables iv. Wealthy class experimented new food d. Dress i. Toga
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07-12-03 --- HIEU102 Lecture 12 - 1 The Flavian...

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