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HIEU 102 --- Readers and Their corresponding times

HIEU 102 --- Readers and Their corresponding times - Oppian...

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Readers and Their corresponding times/content Polybius : Gree around 200 BC; Patron was Hannibal’s grandson. Contemtuous of historical writing as entertainment. Mixed constitution; history is cyclic. Vilifies anti- Scipio Romans. Anti-Macedonia First Punic War Siege of Saguntum & Causes of the Second Punic War Analysi of the Roman Constitution Appian : 100 CE Egyptian. Wrote on Wars. The centrality of Egypt and the superioirity of monarchial government. The Civil Wars Julius Caesar Culture & customs in Gaul & Germany Livy BC-AD. Patron Augustus. Sympathized with the Republican overthrow of Caesar. Foundations from Romulus to the Kings to the Republic The Decemvirs & Appius Caludius Gallic invasion & Destruction of much of Rome Hannibal & Rome’s Defeat/Scipio’s invasion of Africa & Rome’s victory
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Unformatted text preview: Oppian Laws Augustus: Res Gastae. Exaggeration. Civil wars disregarded. Josephus : 1 st cent. Jewish The Great Revolt/Jewish War Suetonius : 1-2. Includes vulgar stories, physical description, etc. Scandalous Julius Caesar Augustus Tacitus : 1 st cent. Psychological portrait. Loss of liberty. Moral judgments. Annals-Julio-Caludian emperors- particularly Tiberius. Caludius, Nero. 69-4 emperors. Cassius Dio: 2 nd cent. Sympathetic to imperial power. Accession of Nerva & death of Trajan Eusebius : 3-4 century AD Founder of Church History. Extremely exaggerated. Contemporary of Constantine. Constantine Writers of Augustan History: 395 Fraudulent Hadrian Ammianus Marcellinus : Greek. Sympathy for people throughout the empire. Little distortion Julian’s death...
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