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Liam Boogar 07-12-05 Week Nine Source Analyis Assignment 1. In reading Eusbeius’ account of the Life of Constantine, Eusebius’ personal bias appears. First of all, it is evident that, due to Eusebius’ close friendship with Constantine, he is bias towards presenting him in a greater light than tmay have been historically accurate, as is evident in his writing. In addition, it becomes clear that Eusebius is more concerned with portraying Constantine as a saint than actually telling a historical account of his life. 2. Eusebius emphasizes certain aspects of the reign of Constantine. Looking at Constantine as the first of many Christian rulers, Eusebius emphasizes the saintliness of Constantine for bringing Christianity to Rome. Eusebius portrays Constantine’s enemies as tyrants and Constantine himself as a savior.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. In contrast to Eusebius writing, which has an exaggerated feel to it, we see that Ammianus tells what appears to be a faithful recollection of History. His works praise what is meant to be praised, but not overly so, and point out flaws which need to be addressed. Ammianus, of the two, is certainly the more accurate historian, where as Eusebius is the more biased. In addition, Ammianus appears to have less of an inclination towards Christianity than Eusebius. 4. Constantine embraced the idea of Christianity and turned towards it as the answer to religious questions. Julian, quite the opposite, converted from Christianity into Paganism and works to rebuild traditional Roman beliefs and traditions....
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