08-04-11 --- LTWL19C Lecture 3

08-04-11 --- LTWL19C Lecture 3 - Castor/Pollux twin Gods o...

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08-04-11 Finishing off Plautus Incredible Coinicidences: In Braggard Soldier: o Girl sold into slavery and boy who loves her sold to the man who lived next door In Pot of Gold: o Man doesn’t know his daughter is pregnant o Near end of play, Euclio flipped 180 and became very agreeable Pot of Gold: In Latin, Aulularia means “a play ab out a pot The old woman who does the work is a nurse: a breast-feeder who took on the role of a 2 nd mother: o name is Staphyla: lots of grapes prologue spoken by Lar Familiaris: “Household God” characters often swear by referencing
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Unformatted text preview: Castor/Pollux: twin Gods o Not sure why they are used as swear words, but the ‘heavenly twins’ are the favorite for oaths • Laverna: Goddess of thieves o Probably had something in between a shrine and a temple to her 1. Postumus/a: a. a name often given to people born after their father’s death 2. sumptuary: consumption laws (rich have a limit on how much they can spend on say earrings) 3. sinister: “ left hand” a. left = bad GRR 4. Anthrax: “Live coal” 5. aula/olla: aula = “pot” olla = “pot” in Spanish a....
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