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Cornell University College of Human Ecology DEA241 Computer Aided Design Topics and Assignment Week 2 Week 2- Topics and Assignment Page 1 Week 2 Topics and Assignment Topics ± The AutoCAD Coordinate System ± Drawing Setup ± Ortho Mode ± Grid and Snap ± Object Snap ± Object Snap Tracking ± Tracking Points ± The 2D Draw Control Panel ± Straight Lines ± Circles and Arcs ± Curves ± Parallel Lines ± Template Files Reading Introducing AutoCAD 2008 Chap 2 Understanding Drafting Tools Chap 3 pgs.72-82 Drawing 2D Objects Handout 1 HO1 Template Files and Drawing Setup (Read Template Files section) Support Files ± p2_DEA241_TEMPLATE_FILE.dwt ± p2_DEA241_Computer_Speaker_INFORMATIONAL_DRAWING.pdf ± p2_DEA241_Computer_Speaker_SAMPLE_DRAWING.pdf Project 2 The Computer Speaker ± Recreate the sample drawing shown on the accompanying drawings using the commands learned thus far in the course. ± Make sure you set the grid and snap to useful values to help with
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w2_241_TOPICS_and_ASSIGNMENT_p2_computer_speaker - Cornell...

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