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Ethics Review Exercise

Ethics Review Exercise - Ethics Review Exercise For each...

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Ethics Review Exercise For each study described below, identify the questionable practices involving research participants and ethical violations that occur: 1. Joe Eager was a graduate student in social psychology at State University. He was taking a course in the psychology of social relations at the same time that he was a teaching assistant in an undergraduate research methods course. He thought that a survey of the dating and sexual experiences of his students would be a valuable and interesting example of questionnaires. He took it upon himself to develop, administer, and score such a questionnaire using the 15 students in his section. Joe included an item in the questionnaire based on a theory he learned in his class. The item was designed to determine whether certain past experiences would predict various types of sexual activity. He did not discuss this hypothesis with the students either before or after they completed the questionnaire. The results were so interesting that he decided to publish a paper on them.
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