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Exam1 study guide - PSYCHOLOGY 0105 EXAM#1 STUDY GUIDE...

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PSYCHOLOGY 0105 EXAM #1 STUDY GUIDE SPRING 2008 Questions on the exam will be taken from both the lectures and the textbook readings. Many (though certainly not all) of the questions will be based on overlap between the readings and lecture material. In order to study the textbook material, you are encouraged to take advantage of the textbook website as noted in your syllabus. The website includes learning objectives (which will help you determine whether you know the material well enough to answer exam questions about it), practice exam questions, and other materials such as flashcards to assist you in studying. This is a great resource. To study the lecture notes, you are encouraged to download the lecture slides from Blackboard and re-write your notes using the slides. As you go over these notes, think about how the various concepts that have been covered relate to each other, and now they relate to the material covered in the textbook. Ultimately, you should study the textbook and lecture material together , as each builds on the other. Below you will find a set of learning objectives from each lecture (and some sample exam questions). It will help to review these carefully to ensure that you understand the material. I encourage you to take an active approach to studying, not a passive one. A passive approach is simply reading and possibly highlighting the readings, and going over your notes. An active approach is putting the readings and notes down and attempting to discuss the major concepts
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/15/2008 for the course PSY 0105 taught by Professor Williamklein during the Spring '08 term at Pittsburgh.

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Exam1 study guide - PSYCHOLOGY 0105 EXAM#1 STUDY GUIDE...

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