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Exam1 answer key - PSYCHOLOGY 0105 EXAM#1 SPRING 2008 NAME...

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PSYCHOLOGY 0105 EXAM #1 SPRING 2008 NAME: _________________________ ID: _________________________ Please begin by putting your name and student ID number in the above spaces, and on the answer sheet. This exam consists of 55 multiple choice questions, each worth one point. There are 5 extra questions for your benefit; in other words, your score will be out of 50. For each question, choose the best of the four options and indicate your choice on the answer form. Each question has only one answer, and there is no penalty for guessing. Feel free to come to the front of the room if you have any questions. GOOD LUCK!! 1. Which of the following is considered to be the first experiment on a social psychological phenomenon? A. Festinger’s first cognitive dissonance experiment B. Stanley Milgram’s “shock” experiment C. Triplett’s cycling experiment D. Lepper’s experiment with children using magic markers 2. Which of the following seems to be false regarding the combination of multiple sources of social information? A. Some traits are more likely than others to be used to interpret the meaning of additional traits. B. Computers often perform better than people when making admissions decisions. C. People find it nearly impossible to integrate contradictory sources of information about a person. D. All of the above are false. 3. Research suggests that perceivers are most likely to agree in their judgments of which emotion? A. Happiness B. Surprise C. Fear D. Most people agree in the interpretation of each of these emotions. 4. Sociologists studying the effects of media violence would be more likely than social psychologists to: A. conduct experiments manipulating the amount of media violence viewed by participants. B. assess changes in television availability and in murder rates over the last thirty years. C. concern themselves with situational variables that moderate the effects of media violence on its viewers. D. focus on the types of individuals who choose to view media violence. 5. Which of the following represents a problem with internal validity?
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PSY 0105 Exam #1 –– Page 2 A. Mortality confound B. Convenience sample C. Cross-over interaction D. All of the above 6. The sunk cost effect is greater when: A. a role model is present. B. past costs are not very salient. C. the ultimate goal is a long way off. D. All of the above. 7. Self-esteem is generally regarded by social psychologists as the _______ portion of the self. A. affective B. motivational C. behavioral D. cognitive 8. Research conducted by Hall and colleagues suggests that we tend to believe that dominant people touch others more than do subordinate people, and behavioral data indicate that: A. this expectation is accurate. B. this expectation leads us to be hesitant to make physical contact during interactions.
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Exam1 answer key - PSYCHOLOGY 0105 EXAM#1 SPRING 2008 NAME...

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