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Old Exam 2 - PSYCHOLOGY 0105 EXAM#2 NAME ID Please begin by...

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PSYCHOLOGY 0105 EXAM #2 NAME: _________________________ ID#: _________________________ Please begin by putting your name and student ID number in the above spaces, and on the answer sheet . This exam consists of 55 multiple choice questions, each worth one point. This exam again contains 5 extra questions for your benefit; your grade will still be out of 50. For each question, choose the best of the four options and indicate your choice on the answer form. Each question has only one answer, and there is no penalty for guessing. Feel free to come to the front of the room if you have any questions. GOOD LUCK!! 1. The normative pressure to conform to a majority is reduced by: A. only credible allies. B. most allies except for non-credible allies. C. only allies of the same sex. D. any ally. 2. The door-in-the-face effect is best thought of as an application of the principles of: A. contrast and commitment. B. commitment and scarcity. C. scarcity and reciprocity. D. reciprocity and contrast. 3. Compared to entity theorists, incremental theorists are: 4. Which of the following can be either positive or negative? 5 Which of the following is a function of attitudes? 6. Research suggests that one source of stereotypes is the belief that:
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PSY 0105 Exam #2 –– Page 2 A. members of other groups are heterogeneous. B. minority behaviors need to be explained more than majority behaviors do. C. the world is a chaotic place. D. All of the above. 7. Research by Zajonc and others on social facilitation shows that the facilitation of the dominant response from increased arousal will tend to: 8. Performance on the implicit association test is:
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